The Company "SNTG Energy Systems"

Our story

SNTG is one of the most experienced experimental physics and material research groups in Turkey. With the renewal process, which was started 12 years ago and is still ongoing, our laboratory has reached its current opportunities.

SNTG Enerji Sistemleri Ltd. Şti. was established in January 2018 in order to develop national technologies and materials with this experience and opportunities . The main interest of our company is to design and develop advanced civil/military technologies and new generation nano-materials that are needed in these technologies.

In this context R & D support and consultancy are also provided to other companies.

Our Focus

  • New Generation Permanent Magnets
  • Radar Absorber Materials (RAM) and Radar Cross-Section Reduction
  • Hydrogen Storage Materials and Systems
  • Transparent de-icing coatings
  • Water production from air
  • New Generation Solar Cells
  • Hyperthermia Materials for Cancer Treatment
  • Design and Production of Material -Specific Production Systems
  • Vacuum Systems Design and Production
  • Characterization Systems Design and Production 
  • R & D Consulting Services

Our Projects

  • Development of Barium Ferrite Based Radar Absorber Materials
  • Development of Room Temperature Hydrogen Storege Material
  • Development of Hydrogen Solid Fuel Activation and Storage Tanks
  • Aerial water collecting bottle for personel use.
  • High Volume Mobile Water Generation System
  • Oxide Nanomaterials
  • Piezoelectric Nanogenerators
  • CZTS Thin Film Based Solar Cells
  • Graphene Production and Its Applications
  • Development of MnB and FeB based permanent magnets
  • Silver Based Composite Defroster Coatings
  • Nanoporous Passive Water Filters